I was born in Portland, Oregon to a musical family, my mom being a singer, pianist and guitar player and my dad being a singer and guitar player. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree as they say. My mom forced me to take piano lessons when I was a kid which I didn’t like, but I am so glad in the end that she did as I would call on that training later in my career. I started playing the trumpet in fifth grade which carried me through all sorts of musical disciplines and experiences including symphonic band, marching band, jazz band, orchestra pit for musicals and the Portland Youth Philharmonic.

I went to Portland State as a classical trumpet major but I had also picked up singing along the way from my mom, so I duel majored trumpet and voice until I eventually decided to dedicate all my time to the voice and piano. As a singer I also had a diverse experience, singing in renaissance choirs, symphonic choirs, jazz choirs, opera, and as a classical soloist. I graduated with a performance degree in 2004 and began my career as a singer and vocal coach. I did this full time for about five years until I decided to try something different as I also had a passion for carpentry and woodworking. I’ve been doing that to bring home the bacon so to speak while I refine my electronic music production skills.

My DAW of choice is FL Studio and it’s taken about six years to reach what I consider to be some sort of mastery of the program, though there’s always more to learn. As I have gotten better at using the software I have come to enjoy composing digitally more and more. Now it’s hard to pry me away from the computer. My favorite styles are trance, psy-trance, dubstep and progressive house, plus my old standby, classical. My plan now is to produce like a mad man and get more music out there while expanding awareness of GeminII music. With this web site I also intend to help budding producers by posting instructional material that I would have found helpful while I basically taught myself the program through trial and error. I’m very excited about electronic music and I want to share it with everyone!