Here are some articles that will expand your understanding of sound and music production.

These 10 hints of advice are actually pretty good. They Lay out some pretty advanced ideas in concise bullet format.

10 easy music theory tricks that every producer should know

Compression can be a challenging subject to understand. This article is a little advanced but nonetheless useful.

Compression Made Easy; Demystifying Compressor Controls & Parameters

Getting your songs loud without distorting their character is a never ending battle. This article talks about “loudness” in scientific terms relevant to audio engineers.

Understanding what does RMS stand for in Audio

EQ is another vital aspect to mixing and mastering. This article gives some good insight into getting started with the EQ process.

19 essential EQ tips

Headroom: What is it? Why does it matter.

Headroom in Audio Recording: What, Why, & How

The physics of sound.

The Method Behind The Music

Essential read on song structure.

A Guide To Song Forms – AB Song Form And ABC Song Form

Perfect visual representation of the overtone series.





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