My favorite artists

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Joel Zimmerman, aka Deadmau5, is the Mozart of electronic music. Though he has classical training he doesn’t have a degree or advanced training, just a boat load of talent. Though much of his music would be considered dance music, he has the ability for a delicacy and grace other producers don’t.



Zircon (Andrew Aversa) is a multi-faceted and extremely talented producer. He has composed in many different genres and for different things such as film and video scoring and video game music, in addition to LPs. I have watched many hours of his streaming FL Studio tutorial videos so I owe much of my ability to his instruction. He has recorded many tracks with his wife Jillian Aversa singing beautiful and lyric soprano accompaniment.

Juno Reactor


Juno Reactor has been around for a long time and is one of the first electronic artists I heard. They were very pioneering and I still consider their music from the late nineties to be cutting edge.

The Crystal Method

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The Crystal Method is a very popular electronic music group. Not much needs to be said about them other than they are masters of their genre (big beat).

Paul Oakenfold


Oakenfold is also one of the first electronic “artists” I ever heard. I use quotations because he is not a composer, though I still consider DJ’ing an art. He’s been around a long time and still spins the good stuff.



Zedd is on the pop end of the edm spectrum, but he is an amazing musician and producer

Daft punk

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I list Daft Punk last because I haven’t honestly listened to much of theirs other than “Homework”. I did very much enjoy their scoring of Tron though, and I did a few covers and remixes of their songs.

Pink Floyd


These guys were pioneering electronic music before I was born, and well before it was popular. What’s more, they seamlessly blended it with acoustic instruments, back before computers even existed and audio hardware was tubes and transistors.

Miscellaneous Artists

Here are some honorable mentions.